The University of Arizona Museum of Art and Archive of Visual Arts


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the museum authenticate or appraise a work of art for me?

Museum employees adhere to a Code of Ethics that prohibits them from authenticating or appraising works of art, due to a potential conflict of interest.  However, the following agencies have searchable databases of experts.  Note:  most professional appraisers charge a fee for their services.

International Society of Appraisers (ISA)

737 North Michigan Ave.
Suite 2100
Chicago, IL 60611
P: 312.981.6778
F: 312.981.6787
E: isa@isa-appraisers.org
W: http://www.isa-appraisers.org

American Society of Appraisers (ASA)

555 Herndon Parkway, Suite 125
Herndon, VA 20170
P: (800) ASA-VALU or (800) 272-8258 (U.S. and Canada) or (703) 478-2228
F: (703) 742-8471
E: ASAinfo@appraisers.org
W: http://www.appraisers.org/

National Institute of Appraisers (NIA)

73450 Country Club Dr.
Palm Desert, CA  92260
P: 1-800-676-2148
F: 1-760-774-9543
E: NIAART@aol.com
W: http://www.appraiseroffineart.com

2. I have a damaged work of art. Can the museum recommend a conservator?

Per policy, the UAMA cannot recommend any specific person or company to perform conservation for the general public. We are happy to direct you to the following agencies, which have searchable databases of experts:

The American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC)

1156 15th Street NW, Ste. 320
Washington, DC 20005
P: 202.452.9545
F: 202.452.9328
E: info@conservation-us.org
W: http://www.conservation-us.org/

Balboa Art Conservation Center

P.O. Box 3755
San Diego, CA 92163-1755
T: 619-236-9702
F: 619-236-0141
E: info@bacc.org
W: http://www.bacc.org/index.htm

3. I am an artist who would like to exhibit at the UAMA. What is the process for submitting my work?

The majority of exhibitions at the UAMA originate with the curators, and rarely come from unsolicited submissions.  However, taking into account our mission and vision statement, if you would like to submit your work for consideration please send the curators an e-mail and provide a link to your website.  If further correspondence is warranted you will be asked to provide a formal proposal that can be presented to the Exhibitions Team for approval.

4. I have a work of art that I would like to donate to the museum. What is the process?

Please see our Ways to Give page.

5. I want to use an image of one of your artworks for a project. How do I do that?

Please contact Kristen Schmidt, Registrar, for Rights & Reproductions requests.

6. How do I get artwork from the Museum in my office on campus?

In the past there was an active Campus Loan program, which has been discontinued. Current industry practice allows lending only to nonprofit, accredited museums whose security standards and environmental controls (temperature, humidity, light levels) match those of the Museum.