The University of Arizona Museum of Art and Archive of Visual Arts

Virtual Viewings

Explore examples of Virtual Collection Viewings prepared for university and college courses.

During a usual semester, UAMA staff welcomes instructors, students, and researchers for pop-up viewings from the collection in our study classroom. While the classroom is closed, we are excited to share Virtual Collection Viewings of artworks customized—with at least 3 weeks notice—to the themes of a course, assignment, or research project.  These online slide decks of high quality images can be explored asynchronously or embedded in course websites. Instructors can also request a UAMA educator to join their class virtually and facilitate a discussion. Use the online request form below or reach out to Willa Ahlschwede, Assistant Curator of Education, for more information.

Virtual Resource Request Form

In this first example, UAMA staff worked with a faculty member from Africana Studies to develop a list of artworks based on the topics of her course on Caribbean literature. Students were assigned to explore the artworks on their own and use prompts to help prepare for a guided virtual discussion with UAMA staff. We joined the students and instructor during their class time via Zoom and displayed the artworks using screenshare.


This slide deck was prepared for a drawing instructor who visits UAMA every semester for an in-person viewing of these prints and drawings with his introductory students. In this case, the instructor used the slides to facilitate his own virtual lecture and students were able to access the slides for reference as needed.