The University of Arizona Museum of Art and Archive of Visual Arts

Border Dynamics

Are the figures pushing down a wall or building one? Giant metal humans, their flesh painted to look like raw meat, push against a border fence. The original 2003 concept had the figures leaning on the actual border fence, first on the Mexican side and then on the United States side. But concerns about border security caused the project to be scrapped on the U.S. side, and instead the installation traveled to the University of Arizona mall as a temporary exhibition. It was installed permanently at this location in 2005.

Today, Border Dynamics is one of the most significant and important works of public art in the UA collection, speaking to the tensions of fear, misunderstanding, and resistance to change on both sides of the border. Alberto Morackis died in 2008, but Guadalupe Serrano still produces murals and sculpture in Mexico and the United States with the artist collective known as Taller Yonke.