The University of Arizona Museum of Art and Archive of Visual Arts

25 Scientists

This sculpture is extremely popular on campus and is another example of site-specific work that reflects the workings of the building it represents. Here, very literal scientists investigate, solve and question scientific problems. George Greenamyer himself describes his approach to public sculpture: “I seek and enjoy input from historical reference, local idiosyncrasies, materials, inventions, etc., anything that gives me clues as a designer to make the concept belong to the site. It is most important to me that there be a multi-level concept understandable to the non-art-trained person as well as the esoteric critic. It is my strong belief that public art should not be simply museum art in a public space.”

George Greenamyer is a celebrated public artist from Massachusetts whose artwork is seen across the country. Usually figurative and whimsical, his sculptures often incorporate light, gateways, and kinetic objects. This sculpture was commissioned as part of the UA Percent for Art program and, in the early 1990s, was one of the first commissions under this new UA Public Art Policy.