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Rec Center
Scott M. Wallace, 1994, Student Recreation Center (Interior Lobby), Highland and Sixth Street Read more

Curving Arcades (Homage to Bernini)

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Tacha 2
Athena Tacha, 1981, East Mall at North Campbell Avenue Read more

State Fair

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State Fair 2
Scott M. Wallace, 1986, Arizona Cancer Center University Campus (Interior Atrium) Read more


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Gary Slater courage
Gary Slater, 1989, Arizona Cancer Center University Campus Read more

Flute Player

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John H. Waddel, 1978, College of Nursing Read more

Untitled (Unknown Artist)

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Unknown Artist, Architecture Building Read more

Those Who Gave Their Lives

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SU Sanderson Current Installtion Detail
R. Phillips Sanderson, 1951, Student Union Memorial Center South Facade Read more


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Wildcats Rossi
Mark Rossi, 2001, North McKale Center Read more

Sonoran Soliloquy (Three Breezeway Panels)

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Otto Rigan, 1998, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Read more

Earth Is Born

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Erwin Rehman, 1981, Main Library Basement (Interior) Read more