The University of Arizona Museum of Art and Archive of Visual Arts

Frequently Asked Questions

I am an artist, can I donate my materials to the Archive of Visual Arts?

As a recently created department at the University of Arizona Museum of Art, the archives is currently finalizing collecting policies. After these policies are in place, a Collection Committee will determine eligibility for donations to the archives.

How can I view a collection at the Archive of Visual Arts?

The Archive of Visual Arts is currently open by appointment only. To make an appointment or to learn more about the archives, contact Jill McCleary at or at (520) 623-1124.

I am looking for the papers of a certain artist. Do you have them?

At this time, the Archive of Visual Arts holds the papers of two artists, Robert McCall and Sara Wallach. As the collection grows, the website will update the holdings.

How much is my document or piece of artwork worth?

We are unable to provide appraisals for materials. You may wish to contact a professional appraiser to obtain item identifications or to determine an item’s worth.

Can I volunteer at the Archive of Visual Arts?

We often have volunteer opportunities available. To inquire about current openings, please contact Jill McCleary at