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The Machine Stops (or Inkjet My Foot!)

The Machine Stops
Andrew Polk  ...the world, as they knew it, ended, 2008

August 14 – December 6, 2009

E.M. Forster’s 1909 short story, “The Machine Stops,” describes a humanity threatened by its complete dependence upon the technology it created. Forgetting that it was the original creator of the “Machine,” humankind grows to deify it, to worship it, and ultimately, to follow it to its own demise.

The Machine Stops (or Inkjet My Foot!) is a limited edition print portfolio inspired by Forster’s short story. Using his prescient masterpiece as a point of reference, the portfolio explores relationships between humanity and the technological world that is increasingly encompassing it. The intent is to present a collection of fine art prints contemplating the implications of technological progress through representationnal, abstract and non-representational imagery. It showcases traditional hand lithography as a central medium while incorporating other such processes that accomodate the theme.

Andrew Polk, Organizer

Kathryn Polk, Co-organizer

Participating Artists:

  • Kimberly Paul Arp
  • Helene Baribeau
  • Michael Barnes
  • Daniel Britton
  • Tom Christison
  • Alistair Clark
  • Clinton Cline
  • Danielle Creenaune
  • Paul J. Croft
  • Emily Arthur Douglass
  • John Driesbach
  • Kevin Hass
  • Brian Kelly
  • Wayne Kimball
  • Jude Macklin
  • Huey Peckerhead (William Greider)
  • Richard Peterson
  • Sheila Pitt
  • Andrew Polk
  • Kathryn Polk
  • Kent Rush
  • Linda K. Seckinger
  • Satoshi Takahira
  • Cerese Vaden
  • Melanie Yazzie

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