The University of Arizona Museum of Art and Archive of Visual Arts

States of the State

Stokes, Emily. Four A.M. Flurry, 2010
Wallace, Christopher. Suits you, Plate I, 2010
Barnes, Michael. Resisting the Inevitable, 2010
Bosley, Douglas. 2010
Bryant, Heather. The Discovery of the Pale Horse by the Wild Beast, 2010
Christison, Thomas. Left Without Leaving, 2010
DeCaen, Andrew. Standardized Menu, 2010
Egan, Matthew J. The Elephant in the Room, 2010
Haas, Kevin. I 90: Exit 285, 2010
Lingscheit, Emmy. Burnt Terminals, 2010
Morrison, David. Judgement, 2010
Peterson, Richard. My Brain on Scopolamine, 2010
Polk, Andrew. The End of Justice, 2010
Polk, Kathryn. Barbarians at the Gate, 2010
Sanderson, Brandon. Genius Loci IV: Clifton, Kansas, 2010
Schmid, Jenny. Burkini Surfer Girl, 2010

April 25 – June 2, 2013

This portfolio of lithographs is part of a project by Dirty Printmakers of America (DPA). DPA is a group of professional printmakers, whose mission is threefold: promote awareness of prints and printmaking techniques, present exhibitions in diverse and often informal venues, and promote the democratization of art through the making of multiples.

This portfolio is one of six that comprise the entire States of the State: A Contemporary Survey of American Printmaking folio, each created using a different medium. Besides lithography, there are: etching, relief, screenprint, mezzotint & engraving, and varied. Each portfolio was hosted at a different university, and includes about 20 artists. Lithography was hosted here at the University of Arizona by Andrew Polk, UA Professor of Art, and his wife Kathryn Polk, L-Vis Press.