The University of Arizona Museum of Art and Archive of Visual Arts

State of the Art: The University of Arizona School of Art Faculty

August 26th – November 2nd, 2005

This exhibition showcases the most recent creations of faculty members of the University of Arizona School of Art. The exhibition presents works from a variety of media, including prints, watercolors, and multimedia sculpture. In addition to displaying individual styles and techniques, the show gives a unique insight into the artistic processes of School of Art faculty members that occur outside of the classroom.

Featured artists: Jackson Boelts, Carlton Bradford, Aurore Chabot, David Christiana, James A. Cook, Elizabeth Garber, Moira Marti Geoffrion, Charles A. Guerin, Harmony Hammond, Charles Hitner, Michael Holcomb, Dennis L. Jones, Joseph Labate, Kelly A. Leslie, Keith McElroy, Ellen McMahon, Barbara Penn, Sheila Pitt, Andrew Polk, Alfred J. Quiroz, Barbara Rogers, Maurice J. Sevigny, Kenneth Shorr, Cerese Vaden, Karen White, Gayle Wimmer, and Melanie Yazzie