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Silence still equals death
Doña Euginia
Other TARGET/s
Other TARGET/s
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January 17 – July 19, 2020

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Other TARGET/s is a group exhibition and multi-media installation by the artists sheri crider (Albuquerque, NM), M. Jenea Sanchez (Douglas, AZ / Agua Prieta, SON), Gabriela Muñoz (Phoenix, AZ), and Shontina Vernon (Atlanta, GA).

Some of the earliest images of creatures and demons provide an introduction to the subject of other. The influence of prints and illustrations from the late 15th and early 16th centuries – which mass-produced images of “exotic” tribes – and current images of immigrants offer multiple windows into the employment of otherness. UAMA offers works from its collection to provide comparisons of these historical representations of demons, the infirm and peasants to the contemporary works on display.

Through the works in this exhibition, the artists examine intersections of the complicated histories of prejudice, fear and socio-economic underpinnings that mine the permanent divisions between us and them. The works also occupy a space of socially engaged art that humanizes issues that divide our communities. All of the artists are committed to creating spaces and moments to witness stories, experiences and truths not of the artists – but through the medium of exchange between artists and communities.

Otros OBJETIVO/s es una exposición colectiva e instalación multimedia de las artistas sheri crider (Albuquerque, NM), M. Jenea Sanchez (Douglas, AZ / Agua Prieta, SON), Gabriela Muñoz (Phoenix, AZ) y Shontina Vernon (Atlanta, GA).

Algunas de las primeras imágenes que existen de criaturas y demonios proporcionan una introducción al tema de la alteridad. La influencia de los grabados e ilustraciones de finales del siglo XV y principios del XVI, que producían en masa imágenes de tribus “exóticas”, y las imágenes actuales de los inmigrantes, ofrecen múltiples ventanas para el uso de la alteridad. El Museo de Arte de la Universidad de Arizona ofrece obras de su colección con la intención de comparar estas representaciones históricas de demonios, enfermos y campesinos con las obras contemporáneas que se exhiben.

A través de las obras de esta exposición, las artistas examinan las intersecciones entre las complicadas historias de los prejuicios, miedos y fundamentos socioeconómicos que explotan las divisiones permanentes entre nosotros y ellos.

Las obras también ocupan un espacio de arte comprometido socialmente que humaniza los temas que dividen a nuestras comunidades. Todas las artistas se han comprometido a crear espacios y momentos que permiten presenciar historias, experiencias y verdades, no de las artistas, sino a través del intercambio entre artistas y comunidades.

Traducción al español: Jaime Fatás-Cabeza.

The artists RRyRZ will be selling hand-printed totes at each event associated with the exhibition Other TARGET/s. The print is one-of-kind, designed by Racheal Rios and printed on materials sourced from DouglaPrieta Works women’s cooperative. All proceeds benefit the Florence Immigrant & Refugee Rights Project.

Associated Events
1/16 – Opening Celebration for Other TARGET/s and Hobby Craft
2/7 – Artists Talk: Collaboration as a strategy for disruption
2/8 – Community Day @ UAMA
2/13 – Yes, and…why can’t we start with the truth?
3/26 – GRRRL Justice Screening @ The Loft
5/7 – Online Screening: GRRRL Justice

This exhibition is generously sponsored by the Edward J. Gallagher, Jr. Memorial Fund, the Jack and Vivian Hanson Endowment, Africana Studies, the Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry, and the Commission on the Status of Women.

Images: sheri crider, Cibola Detention Center, Five years, $150mil, Silence still equals death, 2018, Gouache and enamel on paper; M. Jenea Sanchez, Doña Euginia, 2016, C Print on Aluminum