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NOW VIRTUAL: MmArt! Members’ Monday Art Talks

MmArt! Talk

January 27 – April 27, 2020

UAMA members are invited to attend MmArt! – an exclusive lecture series held Mondays from 10:00-11:30 a.m. on the dates below.

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ONLINE! April 27 | Nature’s Nation: Imagining the American Landscape
Presented by Dr. Sarah Moore, Professor, Art History
This virtual talk looks at a broad history of landscape painting in the United States, reaching back to the earliest images created by European explorers and ending with so-called Earth Art in the 1970s, all while examining how artists have reflected and shaped our environmental understanding. Please RSVP below and receive information on how to access this free event.


March 30 | Visualizing the World of Ancient Christianity
Presented by Dr. Courtney Friesen, Assistant Professor, Religious Studies and Classics
The visual world of Christianity emerged in a religious context between biblical prohibitions against divine representations on the one hand, and the art and architecture of Greeks and Romans – which was replete with gods and heroes – on the other. The earliest Christian art, therefore, represents a negotiation between these competing interests. This talk will explore examples of such religious interplay in antiquity together with suggestions towards its legacy in later periods.

February 24 | The Spirituality of the Gothic World in Art History: The Retablo Room and Contemporary Works of Art
Presented by Dr. Albrecht Classen, University Distinguished Professor, German Studies
Some of the greatest wonders of the world were the Gothic cathedrals, but they were paralleled by equally significant paintings, sculptures, illuminated manuscripts, carvings, and many other objects created during the same era. UAMA has some outstanding exemplars, such as the large canvases in the Retablo Room. This talk will introduce some of the most fascinating and intriguing examples from the Gothic world and highlight some of the spiritual background and meaning.

January 27 | No trains, planes or automobiles: The real story of the beautiful art and dicey experience of the English Grand Tour
Presented by Dr. Sandra Barr, Lecturer, Art History
The Grand Tour describes travel through Europe by rich, mostly British young men between 1660 and 1840. They set out to learn about European society and art for the betterment of those back home. Learn more in this talk!