The University of Arizona Museum of Art and Archive of Visual Arts

Lost in the Woods


May 31, 2007 – August 12, 2007

The University of Arizona Museum of Art and the Joseph Gross Gallery at the UA School of Art present Lost in the Woods, an exhibition that investigates the endless variety of human relationships to perception and knowledge. Through an exciting combination of contemporary and historical works, the exhibition considers nature and culture, imagination and spirituality – among other forces – and the stories, legends, maps and paths that guide (or mislead) us through life.

Escape the summer heat … see what lies deep in the woods.

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Guest artists:

Stefano Arienti’s textiles and printed posters show a continued interest in the subtle manipulation of found materials with a focus on décor and decoration.

Simen Johan uses images of children to explore our predilection towards imagination and emotion, rather than reason. Using digitally manipulated photography, the artist presents scenarios that address ways in which we contend with inherent fears and desires.

Shin-il Kim explores the parameters of video as an art medium. Kim looks to art history to understand the future of art and creativity.

John Largaespada uses a combination of photography and computer technology to create colorful, dramatic scenes from classic theater and emotionally evocative figurative and landscape work.

Walter Martin and Paloma Muñoz create snow globes that work as psychological metaphors where life has lost its warmth and promise. The exhibit also includes large photographs of the scenes they have constructed.

Juan Perdiguero is a mixed media artist who brings together concepts of photography, drawing, painting and printmaking. Applying printer’s ink to photographic emulsion or collaged photographs, Perdiguero’s work is strongly influenced by the Spanish Baroque.

Leafcutter John (John Burton), an experimental electronic musician, has created an interactive software program that is a journey into the sonic forest. Users move around the forest while their position relative to the trees determines the parameters of the music.

Artists from the UAMA Collections:

  •  Contemporary
  •  Kiki Smith
  •  Eric Avery
  •  Peregrine Honig


  • Jan Saenredam
  •  Eugene Delacroix
  •  Max Klinger
  •  Stefano Della Bella
  •  John Martin