The University of Arizona Museum of Art and Archive of Visual Arts


Nahum Zenil, De La Serpiente (Triptych)
Peregrine Honig, Snow
Jenny Schmid, Burkini Surfer Girl

March 9 – May 26, 2019

We often find ourselves fighting a society full of hatred, fear and creations of an “other.” In this battle, words like equality, tolerance and acceptance have been portrayed as obscenities and threats to social stability.

F***nism is an exhibition that seeks to promote the individual as well as our similarities and differences. Works were selected from the Museum’s collection to portray societal constructs, various bodies and aesthetics, sexuality and gender; to reveal discrimination; to introduce various cultures; and to break down gender roles placed on men and women. Curated by Katie Raymer, the Marti and Ed Slowik Curatorial Intern, this exhibition includes artists like Jenny Schmid, Iona Rozeal Brown, Nahum Zenil and Alison Saar. Using more playful pieces, along with very direct and potentially provocative images, the exhibition challenges the viewer’s own belief system.

Images: Jenny Schmid, Burkini Surfer Girl, 2010, Lithograph; Peregrine Honig, Snow, 2006, Lithograph on Arches Cover paper with a Japanese chine collé; Nahum Zenil, De La Serpiente (Triptych), 1976, Ink/Collage/Gouache