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Joan Snyder, "Mistory"
Dorota Sadovska, "Saint Sebastian"

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This exhibition features a variety of works from the UAMA’s contemporary art collection that reflect on issues related to religion, gender, gentrification, food justice and other pressing issues of the past thirty years.

Some of the highlights are Jaune Quick-to-See Smith’s Spam, a mixed-media painting which speaks to the systematic and violent dismantling of the Native American communities’ diets and the forced reliance on unhealthy government subsidies. Hung Liu’s Still Life, made in the years following the Tiananmen Square protests and massacre, depicts a young man on a hunger strike, seated before a panel of soldiers. Dorota Sadovská’s monochromatic Saint Sebastien, puts a contemporary and minimalist spin on a traditional Christian subject while Jane Hammond’s The Hagiography of This Moment uses a church altarpiece format to portray a tongue-in-cheek message.

Other featured artists in the exhibition include: Kerry James Marshall, Rodolfo Morales, Rozeal, and Joan Snyder. Although made by different individuals with unique experiences, these artists all use their work as a means to memorialize and to comment on important topics of our world.


Images: Joan Snyder, Mistory, 1973, Oil, wallpaper flocking, felt tip pen, ink and graphite on canvas; Dorota Sadovská, Saint Sebastian, 1998, Oil