The University of Arizona Museum of Art and Archive of Visual Arts

Bouquets to Art 2012 Awards

The People's Choice Award. Designer: Jacque Askren Association: Askren & Sons Gallery: 1st Floor, Main Artist: George Copeland Mathieu Composition on Red, 1956
The Director's Choice Award. Designer: Clark Reeves & Lisa Reeves, ASID Association: (Lisa)Talents Design Studio, Inc. (Clark):Masterworks Faux Finishes Gallery: 2nd Floor, Kress 2 Artist: Zanobi Strozzi Madonna of Humility, 1446
The Curators' Choice Award. Designer: Cindy Dodds Association: Safeway Floral (Catalina & Tanque Verde) Gallery: 2nd Floor, Gallagher Artist: Robert Vickrey Shadows and Sean, 1968
The Curator of Education Award. Designer: Debby Larsen Association: Tucson Lifestyle Home & Garden Gallery: 1st Floor, Main Artist: Alejandro Otero Coloritmo 5 (Colorhythm #5), 1956

Bouquet Winners of Bouquets to Art 2012

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