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6 & 6

Match Image Left, Carl Lumholtz 1910, Right Ben Johnson, 2016
Ben Johnson, Salina, Compositional Sketch, 2016
Ben Johnson, After Lumholtz 2
Ben Johnson, After Lumholtz 1
Ben Johnson, Cottonwoods, 2018, Oil on canvas

December 22, 2018 – March 31, 2019

Both science and art start with basic observations of the world around us. Science takes that inspiration and makes it empirical, and art conceptualizes such catalysts. To showcase life in the Sonoran Desert, the Next Generation Sonoran Desert Researchers (N-Gen) Arts and Science Initiative forged a collaboration between artists and scientists. Six artists and six scientists were paired together to foster cross-pollination in research methods and to create a shared vision. This exhibition is the manifestation of their collaborative research that depicts life in the Sonoran Desert and articulates a sense of place.

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Images: Benjamin M. Johnson, Cottonwoods, 2018, Oil on canvas; Benjamin M. Johnson, After Lumholtz 1; Benjamin M. Johnson, After Lumholtz 2; Benjamin M. Johnson, Salina, Compositional Sketch, 2016; Match Image Left, Carl Lumholtz, 1910, Right, Benjamin M. Johnson, 2016