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Use these fun activities to explore the Museum as a family!

French Sculpture Census

The Census of French Sculpture in American Public Collections (1500-1960) reveals for the first time the breadth and richness of this body of works. It has led and will continue to lead to the discovery of many works scattered across America, in places as diverse as museums, historic houses, government buildings, corporate collections, and public spaces. The French Sculpture Census marks an important contribution to the study of the history of taste, the building of American museum collections, the development of the art market, and the transatlantic transit of art.

Art Conservation at the University of Delaware

On this website you find tons of information about historical processes and art conservation. You can also see virtual reconstructions of two paintings from our collection: Fernando Gallego’s, The Raising of Lazarus and  Maestro Bartolomé’s The Creation of Eve.

The Tucson Tabernacle

Learn about the Getty Conservation Institute’s 2012 study of Pacino di Bonaguida’s, Tabernacle with Scenes from the Life of Christ.


Using work from the UAMA permanent collection, art/write is a free online program for teachers. Here you will discover a variety of lesson plans that can be used to inspire writing with high school aged students. Using artwork as a starting point, students will develop skills in careful observation, critical thinking, analysis of ideas and events, and creative thinking.

The Samuel H. Kress Collection

Browse the Samuel H. Kress Collection before your visit to UAMA. Spanning the 14th-19th centuries, these 64 works of art are kept on permanent display.

Retablo Underdrawings

The Altarpiece (Retablo) of Ciudad Rodrigo is a jewel of the UAMA collection and one of the most important works produced in 15th-century Spain.  Here you can compare the retablo paintings to the underdrawings online before your visit to the UAMA.

Retablo at the Meadows Museum

Experience the Fernando Gallego and His Workshop exhibition installation at the Meadows Museum from 2008.

Rembrandt Van Rijn

In celebration of the 400th anniversary of the birth of the Dutch master Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669), UAMA is pleased to highlight the artist’s etchings in the Museum’s permanent collections.