The University of Arizona Museum of Art and Archive of Visual Arts

Preschool to High School

With approximately 6,000 objects spanning the Early Bronze Age to present day and representing many cultures and artistic mediums, the University of Arizona Museum of Art and Archive of Visual Arts provide opportunities for learning across subjects. Examining, interpreting, and sharing ideas about artworks helps students build powerful skills like detailed observation, visual literacy, critical thinking, and empathy. UAMA’s Education Department is committed to promoting  the museum and its collection as a teaching and learning resource for all students and educators.

Not sure where to start? Reach out to Willa Ahlschwede, Assistant Curator of Education and Public Programs, to talk more about how UAMA resources might fit with your teaching or research.

Guided Tours

Please note: Guided tours will not be available July 1 – August 23, 2022. During this time, groups of 20 or less may still request a self-guided visit using the Group Visit Request Form. The education team is happy to offer printed self-guided materials or welcome your group with a brief introduction, depending on staff availability.

Guided tours require at least 3 weeks advance notice and are free for K-12 classes. All tours are inquiry-based, interactive, and can be customized to fit the curricular needs and goals of the class. To schedule a guided tour, please submit a request by completing the Group Visit Request Form. Guided tours are available on a first come, first serve basis and group size may be limited, depending on current public health guidelines. One adult per every 10 students is required for K12 visits.

Self-Guided Group Visit

For teachers who wish to guide their own class, K12 groups can also request a self-guided visit to UAMA. One adult per every 10 students is required for K12 visits, and groups larger than 30 students may be required to have a UAMA docent or staff to guide them. To ensure that the galleries are available for your class on the day and time you plan to arrive, please submit a request at least three weeks in advance by completing the Group Visit Request Form.

Online and Virtual Resources

Using resources available on the UAMA website, students and teachers explore our new virtual 360° galleries and build their own adventure.  Teachers can choose from Art/Write curriculum and adaptable Think Sheets to help students observe, reflect, and respond to artworks. Not sure where to start? 

Navigate virtual 360° galleries to discover eight centuries of artwork from the UAMA permanent collection, along with multimedia links to learn more:

American Art 1925-1945 Modern Art Gallery Contemporary Art Gallery Samuel H. Kress Collection  Retablo of Ciudad Rodrigo 


Using work from the UAMA permanent collection, art/write is a free online program for teachers. Here you will discover a variety of lesson plans that can be used to inspire writing with high school-aged students. Using artwork as a starting point, students will develop skills in careful observation, critical thinking, analysis of ideas and events, and creative thinking.

Art Sprouts

Art Sprouts encourages art-based play and creativity with children and adults of all ages. Art Sprouts Home Edition models various types of art-making activities that care-givers and young children can experiment with in the safety and comfort of their homes and backyards.

UAMA Think Sheets

Five Line Poem A simple creative exercise to help students respond and make a personal connection with any artwork.

See/Think/Wonder Based on a classic thinking routine described by Harvard’s Project Zero, students use this think sheet to observe, interpret, and imagine new things about any artwork. Whether working on their own or in groups, this is a great way for students to spend time thinking critically and writing about what they see.

Online Resources

See our full Online Resources page for more materials to help incorporate art learning into your classroom.