The University of Arizona Museum of Art and Archive of Visual Arts




Mission Statement

The University of Arizona Museum of Art advances the academic and research mission of the University, inspires critical dialogue among campus and community audiences, and celebrates art as essential to our lives through the stewardship and interpretation of its expanding collection of art and archives.

To realize our mission we:


Audiences through shared experiences with art.

Community organizations to create a stronger sense of place through art.

Current and future patrons of the arts in Tucson and beyond (members, affinity groups).

Diverse audiences, including:

  • undergraduate and graduate students;
  • the broader University community;
  • the Tucson community;
  • the State of Arizona;
  • the national arts and alumni communities;
  • and the international arts and alumni communities

through research, exhibitions, programs, and teaching about the visual arts.


Interdisciplinary partnerships that embrace our role as a university museum and a community art museum.

Storytelling by diverse audiences at the University and in the community.

Progressive art education programming for the public of all ages through collaborative research projects.


Excellence in visual arts research, teaching, interpretation, exhibition, and programming.

Exhibition, interpretation, and creation of artwork as a means of raising awareness about social, political, economic, and environmental issues facing our society.

Development and preservation of collections in accordance with AAM standards and best practices.

Vision Statement

We envision the University of Arizona Museum of Art as a

Dynamic art museum recognized for its

Bold exhibitions and programs and

Innovative research, partnerships and teaching


Values steer an organization throughout its life in all circumstances, irrespective of changes in its goals, strategies, type of work, or leadership.

Academic Research, Stewardship of Collections, and Teaching

  • Responsible stewardship and management of all Museum resources.
  • Experimentation with innovative teaching practices across multiple disciplines in the University through use of the Museum as a learning laboratory.
  • Innovative collecting, research, scholarship, and teaching, pushing against traditional boundaries.


  • Dynamic programs and exhibitions for diverse audiences that increase knowledge and inspire lifelong learning about art.
  • Responsive and respectful service to our audiences by providing them with access to the collection.
  • Innovative collaborations and partnerships that enable the Museum to become an essential part of the academic and civic life of the University and surrounding community.

Institutional Culture

  • Working together as a team while respecting our different viewpoints and talents and embracing inclusivity.
  • Operating a financially sustainable organization to grow the public trust.
  • Promoting the highest professional standards and institutional integrity in all Museum endeavors.