The University of Arizona Museum of Art and Archive of Visual Arts

100 Years, 100 Ranchers

Every artist’s dream is to find a project that speaks to their soul, one which they are passionate about and that makes a worthwhile contribution to society.

Phoenix artist Scott Baxter achieved this goal through his series collection, 100 Years 100 Ranchers, which is currently featured at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix campus. The photographer culminated ten years of work, tens of thousands of miles of travel and more than 15,000 images into one project.

Baxter’s work ensures that Arizona’s ranching families and traditions are forever etched into our national psyche. This series shines a spotlight on a vital part of Arizona’s heritage, as well as a source of the State’s identity. Through these photos, Baxter was able to preserve history and also honor the families that participated in this project.

Part of the collection is featured on the first floor of the Health Sciences Education Building at the College.

With them, he hopes to inspire an appreciation in others for the lifestyle led by Arizona’s ranchers.

“My goal is to recognize these families who have struggled to survive and persevere in these difficult times,” Baxter said. “As ranches are lost to developers and poor economic conditions, I hope to be able to preserve photographically an integral part of the Arizona tradition.”

Baxter’s work in the series has captured the portraits of various subjects; it has also created a greater awareness of the ranching culture and heritage in Arizona for residents and visitors; and it showcases the extraordinary beauty and diversity of landscapes in the State. His work gives them their due recognition for persevering through extreme challenges — land development pressures, drought, economic difficulties — to survive.


Want to learn more? Listen to some of the ranchers’ interviews by clicking on names here: