The University of Arizona Museum of Art and Archive of Visual Arts

NextGen Youth Council

Staff liaison, Chelsea Farrar, Assistant Curator of Education:


The University of Arizona Museum of Art (UAMA) youth council, NextGen Youth Council, facilitates teens and young adult visibility inside the Museum by supporting interaction between youth and visual art. NextGen Youth Council plans events at the Museum for other youth, hosts community workshops, and speaks as a representative of the Tucson youth community to the Museum. NextGen Youth Council encourages youth of all ages to join and encourages involvement across Tucson in promoting youth voices at the UAMA.

Members of the NextGen Youth Council accomplish this by:

  • assisting the Museum by advocating for the Museum with their peer groups;
  • assisting the Museum with gaining a deeper insight into the needs of our primary constituency;
  • creating content for the Museum’s social media pages, such as YouTube;
  • developing educational events and programming for local youth;
  • providing new ideas and fresh approaches from different perspectives.


Members of NextGen through their service:

  • gain in-depth exposure to the workings of a museum;
  • network with art and museum professionals;
  • help drive forward a risk-taking museum;
  • interact and collaborate  with other youth;
  • work with living artists