The University of Arizona Museum of Art and Archive of Visual Arts


Staff liaison – Nathan Saxton, Exhibitions Specialist:


The purpose of the MUSE is twofold; to contribute to the unique student experience found at the University of Arizona, and to increase awareness of the museum among the student body.

Members of MUSE accomplish this by:

  • assisting the Museum with gaining deeper insight to the needs of the student body;
  • using their unique social and academic network to build awareness of and support for the Museum;
  • providing new ideas and fresh approaches to events and programs;
  • producing and promoting one event each semester with the purpose of increasing undergrad engagement with the museum;
  • attending and participating in Museum events;
  • acting as advocates and ambassadors, representing the Museum the student body.

Benefits to MUSE Members

Members of MUSE, through their service:

  • gain in-depth exposure to the workings of a museum;
  • network with art and museum professionals;
  • help drive forward a risk-taking museum;
  • gain a deeper understanding of art history;
  • interact with students and staff in other departments ;
  • gain understanding of logistics of event planning.