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UAMA Partners Circle


UAMA Partners trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma and Bentonville, Arkansas. May 2013

UAMA Partners Circle Members care deeply about art and UAMA’s success. Partners Circle members’ financial generosity provides vital support to the Museum through fundraisers that the Circle organize, host and attend.

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UAMA Partners Circle Purpose Statement

The purpose of UAMA Partners Circle (the Circle), originally founded in 1991 as the Museum’s second oldest affinity group, is to support the Museum through fundraising and educational programs that assist the Museum in fulfilling its mission to engage diverse audiences, inspire critical dialogue, and champion art as essential to our lives. The UAMA Partners Circle will create a greater awareness of, and support for, the Museum’s efforts to become an essential part of the academic and civic life of the University and surrounding communities.

Conflicting information has been circulating as to the future of the UAMA Partners Circle, founded in 1991, as the UAMA embarks upon an ambitious transformation of the organization. We, the UAMA staff, assure our many loyal friends and supporters over the past 25 years, that the UAMA Partners Circle is a vital part of the Museum’s exciting new Affinity Groups network, which was just launched. Members will enjoy more programs, events and art adventures than ever before. As the second oldest UAMA affinity group, we assure you that the UAMA Partners Circle will continue to thrive as the Museum embarks upon this thrilling new chapter in its history…. Click here to read more on the future of the UAMA Partners Circle



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