The University of Arizona Museum of Art and Archive of Visual Arts

Friends of the Archive of Visual Arts

Staff liaison – Jill McCleary, Archivist:


The Friends of the Archive of Visual Arts (FAVA) supports and promotes the Archive of Visual Arts through advocacy, fundraising, and volunteering.

Members of the Friends of the AVA accomplish this by:

  • continuing to build the permanent endowment to allow for growth of staff and resources;
  • fundraising for specific projects that allow for the AVA to improve collection storage, user access, and collect significant materials;
  • providing a more thorough understanding and appreciation of the AVA to the University and beyond;
  • seeking out alumni, faculty, students, and researchers to unite in supporting the Archive of Visual Arts;


Members of the FAVA through their service:

  • help shape the future of and ensure the sustainability of a one-of-a-kind art archives;
  • gain familiarity with Society of American Archivists’ standards and archival best practices, as well as current issues facing archives;
  • work alongside other community members with common interests;
  • network with art, archives, and museum professionals.