The University of Arizona Museum of Art and Archive of Visual Arts

Art Patrons Society

Staff Liaison – James Burns, UAMA Director:



The purpose of the Art Patrons Society (APS) is to help the University of Arizona Museum of Art (UAMA) to become a more dynamic and sustainable public institution that is valued and supported by diverse audiences in Tucson, the State of Arizona, the region, and beyond.

Members of the Society accomplish this by:

  • contributing and/or raising unrestricted funds to be used at the Director’s discretion, and also funds targeted for specific UAMA projects (the Director’s goal is that each member will donate and/or raise monetary gifts totaling at least $1,500 per year);
  • attending at least half of regular Society meetings (five out of eight per year) and actively participating by contributing expertise, experience, and points of view;
  • engaging in meaningful dialogue with UAMA and giving advice related to fundraising (especially networking and relationship stewardship) and community outreach;
  • attending and participating in Museum events, including fundraising events, to assist in donor cultivation and stewardship;
  • promoting UAMA, as well as its programs, activities, and events, in their spheres of influence;
  • acting as advocates and ambassadors, representing the Museum to various constituencies and publics, including the highest levels of University administration, and local, state, and federal officials; and
  • connecting UAMA with new potential supporters who are likely and capable to make substantial gifts.


Members of the Society, through their service:

  • become directly involved with a museum that holds the most significant collection of artwork of any public institution in the State of Arizona;
  • help to shape the strength and the future of UAMA, displaying exemplary stewardship of the region’s cultural heritage;
  • meet and work alongside other community members who share their passion; and
  • gain regular access to UAMA’s staff of experts and the Museum’s world-class collections.